The Gospel Unites People from Different Lands! 
- Hong-Hwa Cho, Hanmaum Church -

Hello, I'm Hong-Hwa Cho. I'm Korean-Chinese, and I was born in Yun-Byun, China. I came to Korea to earn money, and here, I had to live with the scars of mistreatment and feeling inferior as a foreigner. Then I met the living Jesus, and I came to live in freedom by the power of the gospel, which can even unite people of different lands. 

I had a deep scar in my heart because of the fact that I was born in another country. Then God opened my eyes--

He let me know that my being born in China, and my coming to Korea, were all in His plan. I am a citizen of Heaven, and China and Korea are only my mission fields. The moment I realized this, I was no longer ashamed of the fact that I was born in China. Instead, I became free. 

And, God let me know that all the suffering and pain I had gone through were so that I could bear my calling. Suffering truly was blessing. I was so happy to realize that.

The truth set me free from a life of feeling inferior as a foreigner. God found me when I had no one to trust my heart with, and He let me live a heavenly life on this earth as a worker for the gospel!

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